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Peer Voices of Orange County: The Phoenix Project strives to, first and foremost, empower our Peers. In conjunction, we assist the houseless and hoarding/cluttering communities in new ways.

Too often, clutterers are faced with forced clean-outs with consequential trauma, yet we have seen that recovery is possible and that there are alternatives. Through support groups and one-on-one Peer Responder help, those who clutter are better served.  

In the houseless community, navigating systems is frustrating, protracted, and endangers lives.  Peer Navigators can walk beside those who are unhoused and help them apply for services and housing.  They experience a set of unique challenges that only a Peer can understand.


Peer Voices united

Peer Voices United is an ongoing collaborative project of Peer Voices of Orange County and 10 behavioral health partner organizations.

Peer Voices United is an ongoing collaborative project of Peer Voices of Orange County and 10 behavioral health partner organizations.

Collectively, the majority of our services reach people who are currently experiencing stages of homelessness, unemployment, trauma, mental health conditions, substance use disorders, incarceration, and community reentry following incarceration. Together, we create a movement that works to unite all people and voices in the behavioral healthcare arena, to improve the quality and reach of our services.

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Together, the Peer Voices United collaborative project works to:

Peer Voices of Orange County, Lead Applicant, 501c3 organization. The mission of PVOC is to improve the quality of life and health outcomes of people with behavioral health conditions, through direct support services and meaningful inclusion in treatment planning and policy. (Federal Tax ID: 87-3791488)
Teens4Teens Help, a 501c3 partnering organization with an existing relationship with PVOC. The mission of Teens4Teens Help is to build a peer-to-peer mental health platform online for and by teens and young adults, where those who are suffering may find encouragement, education, and the self-motivation to choose recovery. (Federal Tax ID: 27-3165158).
Poppy Life Care Foundation, a 501c3 partnering organization with a new relationship to PVOC. Poppy Life Care is determined to provide and deliver easy access to affordable, holistic, integrative, and complementary health and wellness resources and services for individuals and families living with a wide spectrum of physical, mental, and behavioral health challenges. Our mission is to facilitate awareness and education while building innovative care programs, which we hope to accomplish alongside our local communities, its businesses and people. We believe in helping each other as part of an ecosystem of local business, healthcare groups, academic institutions and professionals alike. (Federal Tax ID:83-2081360).
Goldstein Constultants, existing contractors with PVOC and their collaborative partner(s). GC is a consultation and writing group that equips non-profits with effective organizational writing, grant application, funding research, grant management services, and collaborative project management services.
Peer Voices of San Diego, Inc. is operating through a CA non-profit public benefit corporation using formal fiscal sponsorship with Peer Voices of Orange County. PVSD is a peer-run community-based organization specializing in various Peer Support Specialist Education and training, justice intervention for both youth and adults, reentry support, and Cognitive Behavioral group facilitation in all correctional settings. (Federal Tax ID:92-3438907).
Peer Voices of San Diego
Robert Forte
Free Non Profit Marketing, a 501c3 organization fiscally sponsored by PVOC through a formal MOU. Experienced web content developer who specializes in the creation of social justice, health, and human service platforms for non-profit organizations. (Federal Tax ID: 93-3302030).
Peers and Clinicians Collaborative Alliance is a co-owned project of Orlando Vera (Peer Voices of Orange County) and Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghia (Norooz Clinic), and is fiscally sponsored by Norooz Clinic ( PCCA exists to promote collaborative and impactful understanding and support between peers and clinicians; bridging this gap in behavioral healthcare effectively promotes whole-person approaches to recovery.
Humanistic Technologies Incorporated, a partner organization with an existing formal MOU with PVOC. The mission of HTI is to deliver responsive and equitable technology platforms and solutions to enable human service, health, and social justice work to bridge qualitative “humanistic” analysis with quantitative “technological” protocols. (Federal Tax ID: 81-4511281).


Peer Voices united

Peer Voices of Orange County (PVOC)

Peer Voices of Los Angeles (PVLA)

Peer Voices of San Diego (PVSD)

Globo Productions LLC

Peer Voices Network (PVN)

Humanistic Technologies Inc. (HTI)

Tru Humanz (TH)

Free Non Profit Marketing (FNPM)

Poppy Life Care Foundation (PLCF)

Peers and Clinicians Collaborative Alliance (PCCA)

With support from Goldstein Consultants (GC)